Parable of the Sower

Luke 8:4-15 | 17/02/2013 | Tim Baldwin

Tim Baldwin unpacks the parable of the sower. Parables are not given so that everyone understands, but rather (v9) to speak like Isaiah, as a form of judgement. Truth is concealed from the casual listener, who ultimately are judged for ignoring Gods truth. God is a speaking God and His word (the seed) is delivered and heard in many ways. 1. Path - the devil takes away the word of God. 2. Rocky ground - receive the word with joy, then fall away when testing comes 3. Thorns - hear the word, but allows life's worries, riches and pleasures to take priority 4. Good soil - hear & retain the word and through perseverance produce an abundant harvest of godliness with a passion for mission. Pray that you listen to God's word and have your life shaped by it to become more like Christ.

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