Romans 6:15-23

Romans 6:15-23 | 28/07/2013 | Tim Baldwin

Christ died to sin, so His death is ours. If we are joined with Jesus then His resurrection is ours. Rom 6:15 Paul asks "If Gods grace is so powerful to forgive any sin, then why does it matter whether we change?" You are a slave to whatever you obey. God has laid claim to us, so it's natural to want to obey & desire God with thanksgiving - rejoicing to be a 'slave of God' Just because we have experience of sitting under flawed authority, it shouldn't cause us to assume that getting out from under authority is freedom. We were designed to sit under authority and true freedom comes from sitting under good authority. Being united with Christ, lets us see becoming slaves of God being good and living in true freedom. We have become free to serve God in whatever circumstances we are faced with, free to share the gospel, caring for people's spiritual needs, free to be content in Christ.

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