Luke 7:18-28

Luke 7:18-28 | 10/02/2013 | Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard preaching on Luke 7:18-28. Even John the Baptist, who Jesus claim was the greatest man that ever lived had doubt. Expecting "the coming one" to bring fire, and hearing the reports of what Jesus was doing gave him doubt. Jesus did come to bring judgement at the cross, but before then focused on seeking out the remnant and to seek and save the lost. Doubts that are founded in the wrong teaching, lead to a rebellious doubt, but John's doubt wasnt a rebellious doubt, but rather one which was inquisitive / weak. He answers John disciples, saying I'm the one mentioned in Isaiah (Isa 35:3, Isa 61) Luke 7 was written to bring us face to face with who Jesus is. He healed the sick, brought people back from the dead and offered forgiveness, engaging with a gentile, window, & a sinful woman.

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