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CHAMP Camp Dec 2014Last month about 50 kids and 20 leaders went away for Champ Camp up at Mangrove Mountain. Champ Camp is an annual event where Year 5 and 6 EV kids from Erina and Peninsula go away together. It was such a terrific weekend for so many reasons. It was terrific because it was an excellent opportunity for our Year 5 and 6 EV kids to spend good time reading the book of Romans and growing in their Christian maturity. The key idea for the weekend was that Christians are on God’s team and he has won the battle against sin. It was also a great opportunity for relationships to be developed between kids and also between the leaders and their kids. On top of that it was a weekend of fun as they played messy games and had a bonfire. Champ Camp and the things that God does there are a highlight of the EV kids year.


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