EV News: Honest to God – Psalms

Psalm 150 – A song of praiseWe are called to join with all creation, ‘everything that has breath’, to declare the goodness of God for both his works and who he is. For groups wanting to have a social this week: the Psalm is so short that a light read of it could form part of a social – the study below is deliberately designed to be light and quick. Enjoy! The Psalms “might well be entitled a Little Bible, wherein everything contained in…

Psalm 119 – A Song of the WordIt seems important to the Psalm writer (and to God) that we not merely obey His word, but that we love his word. To do this, Psalm 119 gives us truths about His word, instructions on what to do with his word, along with promises to trust and prayers to pray. Study Handout Bonus

Psalm 136 – A Song of Thanks and DeclarationSongs catch in our minds and bind truths to our heart. So maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise to find that the Psalms are jam-packed with theology – truths about God. In fact, Psalms is one of the most theologically rich parts of the Bible.  Psalm 136…

Psalm 88 – A song of lament.Our culture feels uncomfortable with lament, which can be profoundly unhelpful especially for brothers and sisters processing grief or anger. This week we learn from these psalms what it looks like to cry out to God and express our complaints and grief.

Songs of Confession and Longing. Psalm 42 is a great example of a song of longing. We learn from these Psalms how to be honest to God about our heart’s desires, and we are moved to yearn to know him more.

In you I take refugeThe Psalms contain wonderful truths about God that give great reason to trust Him. More than that, they give us the words to express that trust to ourselves and to God. The act of praying, reciting, or singing these words renews our trust and commitment in the great Shepherd of our Souls. Related songs you…

Wisdom trusts in the Son. Psalms 1 and 2 are a package. Together they introduce the Psalms as a whole as a book given to help us delight in God’s word (Psalm 1). Psalm 2 continues this by showing that the wise person who meditates on God’s word is led by it to trust in the Son, the Messiah….