Teaching Series Notes

Week starting July 27th, 2020

Week 2, Term 3, 2020 Matthew 22:15-46

Jesus Christ - Matthew 21-28

Suggested commentaries
Carson (link) – this one is epic! A bit technical and wordy.
Green (link) – shorter, less content, leaves some questions unanswered but a great help.

Yesterday (27th July 2020), an evangelical church in America announced that it will meet together despite the law, referencing Matthew 22:21 as a reason for this. Because we are looking at this verse, it may come up in your discussion this week. There is much to commend our brothers and sisters in this church for, their boldness and the importance they place on gathering. However, there are some issues to think through and this article is a helpful overview. The article may be helpful to point out to people in your group so that you can spend time discussing these verses and what they tell us about Jesus and how we should respond to him.