Digging Deeper

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Sunday afternoon 3-5pm – 20 August 2017, the Foyer, EV Church, Erina.

God’s Word is rich and deep, and the more we dig into it, the more we are enriched ourselves.

Digging Deeper is a series of modules designed to help Christians dig deeper into the truths of God’s Word and wrestle with theology at a deeper level. The modules offered cover the areas of Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology, Exegesis and Church History.

Some previous courses are:

  • The Ruler of Salvation: God’s Sovereignty in Salvation
  • Heaven and Hell: What the Bible teaches about the afterlife
  • Wise for life: The wisdom literature of the Bible
  • Behold your God: The mystery and magnificence of God
  • Reformation Church History’ and ‘God’s Book, God’s Plan: The unfolding plan of God.

Digging Deeper is a powerful tool in helping many people to grow deeply in their understanding of God and in their love for Him.

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