We have some really exciting news! UPDATED! 

EV Youth is (kinda) coming back in person!

Isn’t that awesome! We’ve kept saying how important it is for our youth to physically gather together and, given the easing of restrictions, we’re finally able to do that in some way. However, to do so with our entire youth group isn’t quite possible yet. 

So here’s our plan… Each week, we’re going to gather one year group on site from 6pm-9.30pm

On that week, they will: 

  • Meet onsite for G-Teams and have dinner together in these groups 
  • Come into the Round and participate in the live stream of EV Youth
  • Have fun times in the Foyer 

All of this will be done in line with the current government guidelines.

You probably have lots of questions – here are some answers!

When will each group come? 

Here’s when each group will come on site. 

We’ll post reminders on our social media pages and leaders will be in touch also. But wanted to get this out in advance so you can look and plan accordingly. 

Week + Date Onsite Year Group 
Week 1 – 24 July  Year 12 
Week  2 – 31 July  Year 7
Week  3 – 7 August  Year 8
Week  4 – 14 August  Year 9
Week  5 – 21 August  Year 10 
Week  6 – 28 August  Year 11 
Week 7 – 4 September Year 12 (Double-Up)
Week 8 – 11 September      Year 7
Week 9 – 18 September Year 8
Week 10 – 25 September Year 9

What will the night look like? We’ll let you know about the last couple of weeks of term when we get a little bit closer.

We’re going to try and do as much as what we’d usually do…but together! 

Here’s a rough rundown of what we’ll be doing 

  • 6pm – Sign in + GTeams + dinner 
  • 7.30pm – Go into the Round and be a part of the Stream that’s happening (fun, music but not singing, sermon)
  • 8.30pm – Activity in the foyer  
  • 9.30pm – Pick up

It’s gonna be heaps of fun AND we get to do it as a gathered group – heaps keen!

How much will it cost? 

$5 to cover the night 

This includes the dinner that we’ll order; a drink; and some food afterwards too!

What about the weeks where my year group isn’t at Youth? 

Two things!

1. We’ll still be live streaming EV Youth On-The-Line. 

We’ll be doing the same thing we did all last term – so make sure to tune in and watch. 

2. Get along to G-Teams

Alongside this, our G-Teams will still be taking place in accordance with guidelines.

Thanks for getting back to us last term and helping us get them up and running again. From this term, all of our G-Teams will be meeting in person – which is great! We totally understand that some of you  may still have hesitations around groups meeting together. If that is the case, please let us know and we’ll make sure that your youth is able to Zoom into their group as they meet. 

Will it be safe?

Yep! We’ve received a lot of advice from the NSW Health and we’re doing everything we can to abide by that. Here are some things we’ll be doing 

  • We’ll have hand sanitizer at every door and we’ll get everyone to use it. 
  • Our sign in will make sure we have accurate records of who was here.
  • We’ll limit numbers to under 100 in the Round. 
  • We won’t be singing on site at this stage. 
What if restrictions change? 

Things seem to move pretty quickly, don’t they? As always, we’ll make sure to adhere to all the government guidelines and restrictions. We’ll communicate through emails, or social media channels, and on our website with any changes!

We’re so so so so sooooooo excited to be able to get back together with our Youth! We’re praying that it’d be a great time to get to know each other better and grow in our faith as we encourage one another!

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out!

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