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Christians have been given gifts by God to build each other up and become more like Jesus. But what does this look like? See that God wants us to grow at serving, being unified and maturing as Christians and how we can do this. God’s Plan: Grow More Like Jesus (Ephesians 4:11-16) Term 4, Week…

What do you find meaning in? Pleasure… work… school… experiences? Will they really last? If not… where can lasting, satisfying meaning truly be found? Find out this week… Where Do You Find Meaning? (Ecclesiastes 2:1-11) Term 2, Week 5, 2014. Download / listen to this week’s talk below. Whole Series || iTunes Podcast || Daily…

“God, if you’re there, why is there so much suffering? Where does it come from? Don’t you care? Why are you taking so long to stop it? What are you doing about it now?” Find the answers in the bible this week. God… Why Suffering? Term 2, Week 3, 2014. Download / listen to this…

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