Kids Program Erina

Creche: 6-18 Months  |  Minimites: 19-35 Months old  |  Premites: 3 Years old

There are new friends to meet and lots of fun to be had as we play games, sing songs and make craft. Children need to bring their own morning tea and have their parents at hand in the Parent’s Getaway cafe.

Jelly Beans – 4 & 5 Year Olds  |  Kindy Kids – (Starting 2019)

Ready for an under the sea adventure? This year we will find wonderful things under the sea and have all sorts of fun. There will be games, songs, craft and puppets. It’s going to be cool!!!!

Morning tea will be provided. Check the website for more info on allergies. All parents of Jellybeans and Kindy Kids children need to be on call in the Parent’s Getaway cafe.  

Little Tackers – Years 1 & 2

Come aboard with Little Tackers as we explore the five coloured islands with Captain Kaleidoscope. All week long we’ll be uncovering the mysteries of each Island with the Captain and her sidekick Griz! There’ll be games, craft, singing and LOTS of fun along the way!

KAOS – Year 3

Grab your paint brushes and get ready for some fun as Kaos goes colour crazy! We’ll meet master artist Monsieur Artsy Pants, just watch out for his messy apprentice! Along the way there’ll be games, craft, singing and a story more colourful, crazy and cool than Monsieur Artsy Pants himself!

Dynamites – Years 4 & 5

Do you love mystery and adventure? Come and join some crazy colourful characters as we uncover the mysteries of reading a book without words! There will be epic games, challenges and explosions of colour, so don’t miss out on Dynamites!

Vortex – Year 6 & 7

Ready for a week you’ll never forget? Come along to Vortex – it’s the best! Each morning will be packed with hectic games, crazy challenges, epic talks and hanging out with friends… If you’re lucky, you might even win the Golden Vortex! Don’t miss out!

Got Teens??

SummerNights juniors: Years 7-9

“You’ve probably heard about him, maybe read about him before, but what does the God of the Bible really claim? Does it even matter” Summernights is the place to be to check out God with no shortage of fun along the way! Each night we’ll eat tasty food, compete in crazy challenges, hang with mates and finish the week with an epic party at PULP.”

SummerNights seniors: Years 10-12

Looking for something to do with your mates over the summer holidays? There’s going to be a great space to hang and have a good time at SummerNights. Sweet tunes, chill with mates, snack bar, games and hanging out. Epic talks from the Bible and thinking about is there a God out there and is he good? Don’t miss it! 7-9:30pm, $2 pay at the door.

Look out for the massive annual event ‘PULP’ – Friday night, 11 Jan 2019 for both SummerNights sections – cost $5.


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