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Summerfest Woy Woy 2016_approved-10-web sSummerfest Woy Woy 2016_approved-12-webDrop your kids off at the morning program and join us at the Parent’s Getaway!

While your children have a great morning of activities and adventure with the Summerfest kid’s program, Parents can sit down, relax and enjoy a coffee and some informative talks in the Parent’s Getaway.

Located at Brisbane Water Secondary College, Woy Woy, the Parent’s Getaway will have a kid’s Creche Corner to entertain your little ones while you are listening to the talks. Find out below what talks are coming up in 2018.


Mark Hadley – Journalist, Scriptwriter, TV/film Producer

How Hollywood’s culture consumes our kids 

Hollywood is a multibillion dollar industry, in the business of delivering audiences. But how does its picture of the world shape your child’s mind? Scriptwriter and producer Mark Hadley unpacks Hollywood’s latest storylines and shows us how to strengthen our kid’s resilience.

Extended Q&A with Mark Hadley

Mark will host a Q&A session to follow. Save up all your questions on how to use the media to benefit our kids!


Mel Hayde – Author and Teacher

Terrific Toddlers to Teens

Practical tips on seeing your child move from a terrific toddler to an awesome teen. Mel is an author, passionate mother and high school teacher with Masters degrees in Education and Counselling.

Extended Q&A with Mel Hayde

Stay around for our second session and get your parenting questions answered.


Interview with Michelle

From horror to hope

A real life story of a parent’s worst nightmare. Michelle is a mum of three. She lives on the central coast with husband Adrian and works locally for a bank.

Meg McClintock – Dietician and Nutritionist

Mealtime battles and fussy eaters You know what’s good for your child to eat, but HOW do you get that fussy 3 year old to see the light? Meg is an experienced dietician/nutritionist who will give you some great tips on how to end those mealtime battles.


Jez Reynolds

DIY Religion?

In a time of The Block and House Rules, what would Jesus say about building our own spiritual life? Jez is a pastor at EV Erina who leads the Life series which digs into questions about God, Jesus, the Bible and life.

Q&A Panel

Challenge our panelists with those questions you’ve been saving for years!


Jaime Beveridge – Personal Trainer

Practical workouts for busy people

Getting the right amount of exercise is important, yet so many people don’t have the time or energy for complicated workouts. Jaime is a Personal Trainer with heaps of experience in getting regular people into useful exercise routines.

Craig Dobbie – Pastor at Peninsula EV 

If God is leaving will we miss him? 

Fashion is brutal and the Christian God is not “hip” at present. But is that such a problem? Or are there things we’ll lose if he goes away forever?


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