Psalms Playlists

Check out these playlists for each week of the Psalms series.

The playlists feature some of the Psalms we are looking at during that week set to music along with some other songs that explore the same theme or way of responding to God.

These playlists aim to help you to experience the Psalms as songs and prayers, not just writing on a page. Singing together has been difficult through COVID, and so using these playlists could be a way for us to continue to use the gift of music to make melody in our hearts to God. This will also help us to be people who meditate on God’s word throughout the day.

How can you might use these playlists…

  1. Each week, open the playlist that matches the Psalms theme for that week. Each week will have its own feel, which will help to complement the tone of the Psalms that week.
  2. Put the playlist on in the car while you are driving or in the house while you are cooking or cleaning. It could be something you put on while you do the Daily Reading Notes or go for a walk or to the gym.
  3. You might pick one song from the week to listen to more often and even try to memorise it as a way of storing up God’s truth in your heart.

Click on Playlists below.

Week 1
Songs of the Messiah
Week 2
Songs of Trust and Commitment
Week 3
Songs of Confession and Longing
Week 4
Songs of Lament and Cursing
Week 5
Songs of Thanks & Declaration
Week 6
Songs of the Word 
Week 7
Songs of the Praise
Songs We Sing  

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