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In Need Of A King

EV Church

Judges 19-21 

Judges 19:1-2125 | 7/07/2013 | Andrew Hayes

Andrew Hayes unpacks the last 3 chapters of Judges. In those days Israel had no king, and everyone did as they saw fit. These chapters demonstrate the depravity of humanity proving that we are not basically good people. Judges starts with the death of Joshua, and Israel's disobedience in failing to conquer their promised land and ends with Israel in civil war against Benjamin, in desparate need of a king! When you are a slave to evil forces the arrival of a king is such good news. Jesus is the King that unlike human leaders provides salvation, rescuing us from sin.

EV Night

In Need of a King - Judges 17:1-6 - EV Night 

:- | 30/06/2013 | Andrew Heard

How do the people of God end up thinking idolatry would be pleasing to God?

EV Church

Judges 17-18 

Judges 17:16-6 | 30/06/2013 | Craig Dobbie

Craig Dobbie unpacks the story of Micah and the Levite Jonathan. Here the author of Judges changes tact from the story of a chosen rescuer and drills into some of normal characters of the time. We see that the people have lost their way, doing their own thing and are superstitious. Passing the faith down to our generations matters. Spiritual consequences are not obvious is the short term, but are clear in eternity. Pray that you grow in discernment & be good spiritual leaders to your family.

Grace Church Peninsula

Peninsula EV - In Need of a King - Judges 17:1-6 

Judges 17:1-6 | 30/06/2013 | Andrew Heard

Recorded 30/06/2013

Saturday EV

Saturday EV - In Need Of A King - Judges 17:1-6 

Judges 17:1-6 | 29/06/2013 | Tim Baldwin

Tags: Tim Baldwin, Judges

As we wrap up our series in the book of Judges, Tim Baldwin, looks at the rebellious nature of the human heart and how we can learn from the mistakes of God's people in the past rather than repeat them.

EV Night

In Need of a King - Judges 13:1-5 - EV Night 

:- | 23/06/2013 | Andrew Heard

Most people have heard of Samson - but what are we supposed to learn from his life? Andrew Heard shows us how Samson impacts our understanding of God.

EV Church

Judges 13-16 

Judges 13:1-5 | 23/06/2013 | Andrew Heard

Andrew unpacks the Judge Samson. Despite Gods continued mercy and love, Israel again did evil in the sight of The Lord. The Philistine oppression was more subtle, and This time Israel doesn't cry out for The Lord. Samson's parents were God fearing and he was dedicated as a Nazirite. In chapter 14. Samson ignored the requirements of the vow. His riddle was an arrogant provocation. Samson had a problem with his eyes, & discipline - which undermines his actions. Samson was physically strong but of weak character. God used this broken man. He used Samson to stir up the Philistines to oppress Israel, to stir up Israel to cry out for The Lord. God is the deliverer !

Grace Church Peninsula

Peninsula EV - In Need of a King - Judges 13:1-5 

Judges 13:1-5 | 23/06/2013 | Craig Dobbie

Recorded 23/06/2013

Saturday EV

Saturday EV - In Need Of A King - Judges 14:1-7 

Judges 14:1-7 | 22/06/2013 | Tim Baldwin

Tags: Tim Baldwin, Samson, Judges

Tim Baldwin unpacks the story of Samson which shows us that to make a mockery of the God of the universe is complete foolishness.

EV Night

In Need of a King - Judges 11:29-35 - EV Night 

Judges 11:29-35 | 16/06/2013 | Andrew Heard

How does the account of Jephthah and his strange vow, help give us a picture of the gospel in the Old Testament?

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