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Summerfest 2013


How Do My Jeans Shape Me? 

:- | 11/01/2013 | Dave Lienert

Does my brain shape me or do I shape my brain? The nature/nurture debate and its impact on us.


Real Life Story - 'Trapped in a Religious Sect' 

:- | 11/01/2013 | Jenny Burrell

It doesn't seem possible in modern Australia. Jenny tells of her compelling, heart, wrenching journey to freedom.


Can God Change Me? 

:- | 10/01/2013 | Tim Baldwin

Does a relationship with God make a difference in my life? If so, how, and does he expect anything in return?


'Mum, there's a guy I like' - Teenagers and Romance 

:- | 10/01/2013 | Michael and Christine Corbett-Jones

The ups and downs of young love and what a parent can do.


Real Life Story - Mark Hadley 

:- | 9/01/2013 | Mark Hadley

Film reviewer, children's author, documentary maker - a few things Mark has done. He is also a gifted communicator with a fascinating life story. He considers if our children's films are their friends.


'Offline' Time in an 'Online' World - The Role of Books 

:- | 9/01/2013 | Jacqueline de Keizer

Is there still a place for reading books with our children? Jacqueline says an overwhelming 'yes', as she considers the educational and relational benefits of reading to our children.


Miracles, Mediums and Monsters 

:- | 8/01/2013 | Grahame Fuller

Is belief in the supernaturnal world irrational? Grahame looks at the evidence or otherwise of a world beyond the physical.


Time Out - Kids Sport Injuries 

:- | 8/01/2013 | Jason McMinimee

What are the most common injuries in kids sport? Jason prepares us with tips on preventing and treating them.


Raising an autistic child 

:- | 7/01/2013 | Felicity Templar

Felicity Templar shares her experiences of raising an autistic child.


Grow It - Organic Gardening 

:- | 7/01/2013 | Peter Donnelly

Grow and maintain an organic garden that is great for the environment, your family's health, and your grocery bill.

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