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Hot Topics - Engaging With Islam  

8/06/2015 |

Tags: Christianity, Bible, Samuel Green, Islam, engaging with Islam,

Hear Samuel Green on the hot topic of Engaging with Islam. Islam has become an important worldview to understand and respond to. Even if you don't know a Muslim you may be asked questions about Islam, or have questions yourself. Christians need to be equipped to engage effectively with Muslims and those who make comments about Islam or have questions.

Special Event

Hot Topics - Demons, Darkness & Walking In The Supernatural  

10/06/2013 | Andrew Heard

Tags: Hot Topics

Demons are depicted in movies, the media, Christian books and by preachers around the world in many ways. But are these the way the Bible depicts them? How much have we imported the Bible's views into our thinking about these things, and how much have we got our thinking from the world around us?

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