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Talks from experts and professionals dealing with a range of issues including parenting, family, health, spirituality and real life stories.


The Primal Screen 

9/01/2015 | Ray Copland

Tags: Summerfest, getaway, technology & kids

Speakers: Ray and Nicole Copland We're firmly immersed in the digital age- and so are our children! Ray and Nicole give some constructive tips for helping us wisely interact with them over screen time.


Who am I? Speck, special or something else 

9/01/2015 | Craig Dobbie

Tags: summerfest, getaway, Am I special, God

Some say we're all just biological accidents but what about purpose, meaning, values & longings? Where have we come from, where are we going and why does it matter when raising a family?


Everything is AWESOME- or is it? 

8/01/2015 | N/A

Tags: Summerfest, getaway, Popular Culture, Parenting

Speaker: Mark Hadley. Is there a safe path through the world of Ice Princesses, Ninja Turtles, Tribute Champions and Maze Runners that our kids inhabit? Mark, our popular media expert helps us find out.


Guilt- real or imaginary? 

8/01/2015 | N/A

Tags: Summerfest, Getaway, Relationships

Speaker: Dr Mary Wood. It can be painful, it can be personal, it can be addressed. Mary an experienced counsellor helps us look into an area of our relationships that we all experience.


Life was good, but it will never be the same again. 

7/01/2015 | N/A

Tags: summerfest, getaway, Extraordinary God, testimony

Speaker: Tania Cklamovski. Tania was an ordinary single mum with two kids and a hectically busy life but her world was turned upside down by an encounter with an extraordinary God. What happened next?


What is the Life Series? 

7/01/2015 | N/A

Tags: Summerfest, getaway, Life Series

Tony shares his experience of attending the Life series. The 'Life' series is for anyone interested in exploring the meaning of life and the claims made by Jesus.


Paleo, Low Carb or Gluten Free? Sorting the facts from fads! 

7/01/2015 | N/A

Tags: summerfest, getaway, dietician

Speaker: Trish Guy - Dietitian. Is there a way of eating that delivers optimal health? Trish is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, who is passionate about helping people enjoy healthy food without all the fuss.


Struggling at School? 

6/01/2015 | N/A

Tags: Summerfest, Struggling at School, EV Kids, Getaway

Speaker: Glennys Drennan. School. It can be full of challenges for you and the kids. Glennys, an experienced school counsellor and mum of two will help you navigate these uncharted waters.


I'm pretty happy- why do I need religion? 

6/01/2015 | Jez Reynolds

Tags: Summerfest, getaway, why religion,

It's a common question: "Some people might need religion to help them get through life but if I'm happy, what do I need with God?" Jez's answer may surprise you.


Surviving with Kids Under Canvas 

5/01/2015 | Tim Baldwin

Tags: Summerfest, EV Kids, Getaway Talks,

Summer's here- let's go camping! Tim gives his tips for returning from the family holiday with your sanity intact and still feeling good!

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