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Pop-up talks from The Foyer Cafe as part of Summerfest 2019.


What's it like to grow up today? Common issues for teens. 

11/01/2019 |

Tags: teenagers

Steph Hayes, a child and adolescent clinical psychologist, speaks on what's it like to grow up today and the common issues for teens.


A dude's take on Marie Kondo's 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying' 

11/01/2019 |

Ben Broadfoot reflects on Marie Kondo's 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying'


Why bother with God if I'm happy enough? 

John 4:1-26 | 10/01/2019 | Jez Reynolds

Tags: happiness, Jesus, Samaritan

Happiness is trickier than you'd think - and Jesus offers something deeply satisfying.


Go local! 

9/01/2019 |

Coasties speaking on their delicious coffee beans, honey, sourdough and other produce.


Fast, fresh, delicious food ideas 

8/01/2019 |

Fast, fresh, delicious food ideas from Marty and Megan Bowden, Activate Foods.

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