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Finding 100 percent Christmas is a fantastic experience. We celebrate something extraordinary and wonderful - the giving by God of His unique gift to us - Jesus! If these things are true they are life changing and worth celebrating.

EV Church

Christmas Day - Erina 

Luke 2:1-14 | 25/12/2015 | Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard unpacks the evidence for the real meaning of Christmas, highlighting why in a broken world we need a saviour, who brings forgiveness and joy. Are you celebrating the real thing this season to truly experience 100 percent Christmas?

Grace Church Peninsula

Christmas Day - Peninsula 

Luke 2:1-15 | 25/12/2015 | Craig Dobbie

EV Night

Christmas Eve 9pm 

Luke 2:1-21 | 24/12/2015 | Jez Reynolds

Saturday EV

Christmas Eve 5.30pm  

Luke 2:1-14 | 24/12/2015 | Tim Baldwin

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