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Saturday EV - Nothing Can Separate Us - Romans 6:15-23 

Romans 6:15-23 | 27/07/2013 | Tim Baldwin

Tags: ressurection, slave, In Christ, Tim Baldwin, Romans

As human beings we are all slaves to the one we obey. Tim Baldwin explains that if we are 'In Christ' we are no longer a slave to sin, but rather a slave to God.

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Galatians 3:26-4:7 

Galatians 3:26-4:7 | 24/08/2014 | Craig Dobbie

Craig Dobbie examines Paul's illustrations of the Law - being like a jail warden, a strict guardian informing people of where they don't measure up, and finally like a slave. Are you truly thankful that we can be heirs of God, not through law keeping, but simply by faith in Christ? Given that we can't fix the world through law keeping, do you relate to God as an anxious slave, or as a confident heir?

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Romans 6:15-23 

Romans 6:15-23 | 28/07/2013 | Tim Baldwin

Christ died to sin, so His death is ours. If we are joined with Jesus then His resurrection is ours. Rom 6:15 Paul asks "If Gods grace is so powerful to forgive any sin, then why does it matter whether we change?" You are a slave to whatever you obey. God has laid claim to us, so it's natural to want to obey & desire God with thanksgiving - rejoicing to be a 'slave of God' Just because we have experience of sitting under flawed authority, it shouldn't cause us to assume that getting out from under authority is freedom. We were designed to sit under authority and true freedom comes from sitting under good authority. Being united with Christ, lets us see becoming slaves of God being good and living in true freedom. We have become free to serve God in whatever circumstances we are faced with, free to share the gospel, caring for people's spiritual needs, free to be content in Christ.

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Nothing Can Separate Us Romans 8:11-14 

Romans 8:11-14 | 25/08/2013 | Craig Dobbie

Craig Dobbie preaching on Rom 8:11-14 where Paul describes our transformation from slave to freedom, from enemy to adoption. Holy Spirit is our legal guarantee of our adoption 1. Points us to the objective truth of the gospel seen in Jesus (Rom 5:8) 2. Shows you Gods love in a subjective way so you feel it (Rom 5:5) 3. Awakens our knowledge that we are Gods children Pray that you will engage in the fight against sin, and share in Christ's suffering as evidence of your salvation.

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Judges 19-21 

Judges 19:1-2125 | 7/07/2013 | Andrew Hayes

Andrew Hayes unpacks the last 3 chapters of Judges. In those days Israel had no king, and everyone did as they saw fit. These chapters demonstrate the depravity of humanity proving that we are not basically good people. Judges starts with the death of Joshua, and Israel's disobedience in failing to conquer their promised land and ends with Israel in civil war against Benjamin, in desparate need of a king! When you are a slave to evil forces the arrival of a king is such good news. Jesus is the King that unlike human leaders provides salvation, rescuing us from sin.

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Romans 6:1-14 

Romans 6:1-144 | 21/07/2013 | Andrew Heard

Romans 6 answers the question, if we are saved by grace, do we really need to change at all? Christianity is all about change. The early chapters of Romans highlight the big issues of life, such as God's judgement of sin. Romans describes Two Realms * Adam - Sin, Death, Law, Condemnation, Old * Jesus/God - Life, Freedom, Righteousness, New Moving from Adam's realm to God's realm isn't possible by works, but by faith (Rom 5:1) Baptism is being incorporated into something, or identified with. Faith unites us with Christ and baptises us as a Christian. Died to Adam's realm in order that we can live a new life in God's realm. Free from being a slave to sin, and given power to live in God's realm. Grow and develop a discontent with the old self, whilst grow in contentment of the new life Discipline yourself to not let sin reign

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Romans 7:14-25 

Romans 7:14-25 | 11/08/2013 | Tim Baldwin

Tim Baldwin preaching on Romans 7:14-25 Change is hard! Paul acknowledges this in this passage. Christians are no longer slaves to sin, but live with the presence of sin. Is Paul reflecting on his present state or at his state before conversion? Evidence for Present State - tense of the sentences - v8 desire to obey the law - v22 delight in Gods law - v25 thanks to God for delivering Jesus This can lead to complacency in dealing with sin. Evidence for Paul referring to his state before conversion - Consistency with Roms 6:6 - v17 sin living in me alive and kicking - v18 good itself doesn't dwell in me - v21 law still at work in him - v23 a prisoner to the law of sin - v25 slave to the law of sin - Roms 8:2 we are set free from the law of sin - Context of Rom 7 is Paul talking primarily to Jews who knew the law - v7 reflecting back to the time before the law (which must be pre-Moses) Gal 5:17 Paul acknowledges Christians struggle with sin. Key message of the passage is that life under the law is frustrating. Law refers here to the 10 commandments and the expanded version of laws in the first 5 books of the Bible. Rom 2:12-15 says that even Gentiles have moral law in their conscious. Law brings out sin in us, and helps us see sin. Sin is the problem, so what is the solution? More laws? No, the solution for sin is to let the Law humble us, so that we see our need for a saviour! v 25 - the answer is Jesus, his righteousness can be credited to us, making us right with God.

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