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Christmas Eve 2019 - John 1:1-14 

John 1:1-14 | 24/12/2019 | Jez Reynolds

Tags: EV Christmas, John, more, Jesus,

We enjoy good things at Christmas; food, family, holidays, and gifts... but there is more! Jez Reynolds looks at the beginning of John, where we see the magnitude of what God has given us in Jesus.

EV Night

You must be born again  

John 3:1-8 | 5/01/2014 | Jez Reynolds

How does God bring about new life in the hearts of those who are dead to him? Jez shows us from John's gospel that it is by his Spirit and through his word.

EV Church

Christmas Day 2019 - John 3:16-21 

John 3:16-21 | 25/12/2019 | Andrew Heard

Tags: Christmas Day, More, Jesus, More wonderful, more sobering

Andrew Heard looks at John 3, where we see that Christmas is more wonderful and more sobering than our world realises.

EV Church

John 5:16-23 and Romans 8:14-17  

John 5:16-23 | 29/07/2018 | Andrew Heard

EV Night

Jesus Everything We Need - John 10:24-28 - EV Night  

14/10/2012 | Andrew Heard

Tags: John

How are we to make decisions? What is important and what is trivial? Where does God fit into all of it? Heardy kicks off this series by showing the Bible's framework to the issue of guidance.

EV Night

Jesus Everything We Need - John 10:24-28 - EV Night 

John 10:24-28 | 14/10/2012 | Andrew Heard

Andrew kicks off the new series of guidance

Saturday EV

Saturday EV - John 1:1-14 

John 1:1-14 | 19/12/2015 | Grahame Fuller

Grahame Fuller explains the incarnation of God becoming a man, highlighting how this event reveals the wonderful goodness of God's glory. Do you reflect at Christmas, what can seem ordinary but is purely extraordinary, that God became a man in the birth of Jesus?

Grace Church Peninsula

Peninsula EV - John 11:45-53 

John 11:45-53 | 24/07/2016 | Craig Dobbie

Tags: gathered, Membership, Michah, God's people,

EV Church

John 20:19-23 

John 20:19-23 | 29/10/2017 | Andrew Heard

Tags: The Mission of The Risen Lord, John, EV Grow

The Mission of The Risen Lord

Saturday EV

Saturday EV - John 5:16-30 

John 5:16-30 | 2/01/2016 | Tim Baldwin

Tags: John, The resurrection day,

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