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Grace Church Peninsula

Intro to Ecclesiastes 

Ecclesiastes 3:9-14 | 27/04/2014 | Craig Dobbie

An introduction to Ecclesiastes which draws a focus on looking to what lasts in an eternal context


What is Summerfest? 

5/01/2015 | Andrew Heard

Tags: Summerfest, Introduction, 2015, summer series, fix the world?

Andrew Heard explains a bit a about Summerfest for 2015, including an intro to the upcoming Summer Series "How would you fix the world?"

EV Church

Judges 2:6-19 

Judges 2:6-19 | 5/05/2013 | Tim Baldwin

Tim Baldwin provides an introduction to Judges. God's people finally get to inhabit the promised land, to fulfil the promises made to Abraham. And what should have been a great experience for God's chosen people, becomes a series of generations who reject God, are rescued by a Judge, then fall away into worse behaviour. As God calls his people to drive out the other nations - it's worth considering if Holy war is ever ok? 1. It was punishment for their wickedness (see Gen 15) 2. God owns all land and was fulfilling His promise (Deut 7:7) 3. To maintain the covenant relationship (Deut 7:6) What about now this side of Jesus? No - it's not ok to use these verses to justify war, we are in Exodus preparing for the new Kingdom Yes - spiritually we are at war, and need to rage Holy war on sin.

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