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Romans 6:1-14 

Romans 6:1-144 | 21/07/2013 | Andrew Heard

Romans 6 answers the question, if we are saved by grace, do we really need to change at all? Christianity is all about change. The early chapters of Romans highlight the big issues of life, such as God's judgement of sin. Romans describes Two Realms * Adam - Sin, Death, Law, Condemnation, Old * Jesus/God - Life, Freedom, Righteousness, New Moving from Adam's realm to God's realm isn't possible by works, but by faith (Rom 5:1) Baptism is being incorporated into something, or identified with. Faith unites us with Christ and baptises us as a Christian. Died to Adam's realm in order that we can live a new life in God's realm. Free from being a slave to sin, and given power to live in God's realm. Grow and develop a discontent with the old self, whilst grow in contentment of the new life Discipline yourself to not let sin reign

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