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EV Night

Ecclesiastes 2:17-23 - EV Night  

Ecclesiastes 2:17-23 | 25/05/2014 | Jez Reynolds

Jez explores what it means to not work in vain, giving yourself to the work of the Lord. Are you giving yourself fully to building Christ's church?

EV Night

Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 - EV Night  

Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 | 4/05/2014 | Jez Reynolds

Jez kicks off the new series on Ecclesiastes reflecting on the search for meaning in light of worldly pursuits. Are you aligned to the true meaning of life, living motivated by the gospel?

EV Night

Good Friday 5.30pm - Freedom  

John 19:16-30 | 18/04/2014 | Jez Reynolds

Tags: Easter, freedom

Jez examines what it means to have true freedom. Have you found the freedom to live according to God's plan?

EV Night

Following Jesus with Our Money  

Luke 16:1-15 | 2/03/2014 | Jez Reynolds

Tags: money, resources, wisdom

How do our current actions show our understanding of the future? Jez unpacks the parable of the wise manager, whose plan for the future determined his present actions. Are we the same?

EV Night

Following Jesus: Lost & Found  

Luke 15:11-32 | 23/02/2014 | Jez Reynolds

Tags: Lost, Sinner, Religious

When the sinner and the religious stand before Jesus, it often surprises us that he rebukes the religious and loves the sinner. Check out this sermon as Tim wrestles through why Jesus does this, and how it speaks to us.

EV Night

Following Jesus Above All  

Luke:14:15-24 | 16/02/2014 | Jez Reynolds

Tags: Following Jesus, Family, Possessions

How does the decision to follow Jesus impact our relationships with family, friends and everything else? Jez digs into Jesus explanation of what it means to "hate" those things, to be a follower of Christ.

EV Night

Jesus Was Something Special - But Was He God?  

Mark 2:1-12 | 2/02/2014 | Jez Reynolds

Tags: Jesus Divinity

Jez Reynolds presents multiple lines of evidence that converge on Jesus being not just something special but God himself.

EV Night

Why Should I Even Care?  

Acts 17:16-34 | 26/01/2014 | Jez Reynolds

Tags: Jesus, salvation, apathy

Why should I even care who Jesus is? Does it make any difference to my life? Check out the answer.

EV Night

You must be born again  

John 3:1-8 | 5/01/2014 | Jez Reynolds

How does God bring about new life in the hearts of those who are dead to him? Jez shows us from John's gospel that it is by his Spirit and through his word.

EV Night

Fresh Start  

Matthew 1:18-25 | 24/12/2013 | Jez Reynolds

Tags: fresh start, nativity

We try all sorts of things to try and have a fresh start around Christmas each year. But they all come short of the ultimate fresh start, which we see in Jesus.

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