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Peninsula EV - Luke 24:1-12 

Luke 24:1-12 | 1/04/2018 | Todd Parry-Jones

Tags: Easter, Amazing Grace, Luke

Amazing Grace - Easter Sunday

Saturday EV

Saturday EV - The Journey - Luke 10:16-25 

Luke 10:16-24 | 9/03/2013 | Tim Baldwin

Tags: rejoice, The Journey, Luke, Tim Baldwin, book of life

What do you rejoice in? Tim Baldwin unpacks the greatest reason for any of us to rejoice..that our name is written in Heaven!

EV Church

The Journey - Luke 9:18-27 

Luke 9:18-27 | 3/03/2013 | Craig Dobbie

Craig Dobbie preaching on Luke 9:18-27. Who is this man Jesus and what will it mean to follow him? The disciples were only half right a out who Jesus is. The Jews were expecting several great leaders - prophet, priest, servant king and a conquering messiah. They didn't expect these to be fulfilled in one man - Jesus. What will it mean to follow him? To die to the old selfish life, through daily repentance and to live to bring honour to God. To avoid the temptation of being ashamed of Jesus. Pray that you will remember that Jesus is both the suffering saviour and judge.

EV Church

Luke 15:11-32 

Luke 15:11-32 | 2/09/2018 | Tim Baldwin

Tags: Fathers Day, Luke, Prodigal Son, The compassion of our heavenly father

The compassion of our heavenly father

EV Night

The Journey - Dale Brown - Luke 13:13-21 - EV Night  

21/04/2013 | Dale Brown

Tags: Luke

Jesus offers us hope, but not everybody will be saved. How do we enter through the narrow door?

EV Church

Luke 19:11-27 

Luke 19:11-27 | 6/04/2014 | Tim Baldwin

What do we see as being successful in this life? Tim Baldwin unpacks the parable of the Ten Minas looking at what being successful really means.

EV Night

The Journey - Luke 12:13-21 - EV Night 

Luke 12:13-21 | 7/04/2013 | Andrew Heard

Andrew talks on how we as Christians should approach money and working

EV Night

The Journey - Luke 8:4-15 - EV Night 

Luke 8:4-15 | 17/02/2013 | Andrew Heard

Andrew talks the parable of the sower and what kind of listener you are

EV Night

Salvation Rising - Luke 6 12-26 - EV Night 

Luke 6:12-26 | 25/03/2012 | Andrew Heard

Andrew deconstructs the sermon on the mount looking at blessing

EV Night

The Journey - Luke 8:26-39 - EV Night 

Luke 8:26-39 | 24/02/2013 | Andrew Heard

Andrew talks on miracles and how we should respond to the demonic.

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