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Matthew 27:45-56 

Matthew 27:45-56 | 3/01/2016 | Andrew Heard

Tags: Resurrection, Jesus, Mathew, new creation

Andrew Heard explores the massive events that are central to Christianity - God becoming a man, the death of Jesus and His resurrection; highlighting what this means for our world. Are you captured by the new creation started by the resurrection of Jesus, and giving yourself to the things that matter for eternity?

Grace Church Peninsula

Jesus Image 

Revelation 1:9-20 | 27/10/2013 | Tim Baldwin

What does Jesus look like to you? Tim Baldwin unpacks the image of Jesus in Revelation 1:9-20 and what it means for us.

EV Night

Following Jesus: What to expect?  

Romans 8 | 17/05/2015 | Gary Millar

Tags: Gary Millar, follow Jesus, God, Following Jesus, Romans 8,

What can we expect if we're going to follow Jesus? Gary Millar unpacks the many things Christians have to be thankful for from Romans 8.

Grace Church Peninsula

Jesus is Worthy 

Revelation 5:1-14 | 8/12/2013 | Tim Baldwin

Tags: jesus, lion and lamb, worthy

Jesus is unique. He alone is worthy of the highest honours in eternity, and shows himself to be both the Glorious Lion and the Sacrificial Lamb.

EV Night

Mark 6:30-44 - EV Night  

Mark 6:30-44 | 20/03/2016 | Dan Ford

Tags: Mark, Jesus, The King has come, Messiah,

Dan Ford takes us through the feeding of the 5000 and Jesus' walking on the water in Mark 6 to show us how much more is going on than just a powerful miracle. Have you come to see who Jesus is, the great God-Man-Shepherd, and are you having your life shaped and led by your shepherd in the Word?

Grace Church Peninsula

Peninsula EV - Mark 8:1-26 

Mark 8:1-26 | 3/04/2016 | Craig Dobbie

Tags: Mark, Jesus, The King has come, Messiah,

Craig Dobbie shows us three kinds of blindness in Mark 8, drawing attention to how we as humans naturally don't want to see who Jesus is because of our broken hearts. Jesus came as the great solution to our blindness, but have you realised the depth of the problem and are you being honest with God about where you're at?

EV Church

Mark 1:21-28 

Mark 1:21-28 | 14/02/2016 | Tim Baldwin

Tags: Mark, Jesus, The King has come, Messiah, spiritual health,

Tim Baldwin explains Jesus's main priority as caring for people's spiritual condition, challenging us to consider our own spiritual health. Do your priorities and goals align with Jesus?

Grace Church Peninsula

Peninsula EV - Mark 4:1-12 

Mark 4:1-12 | 6/03/2016 | Craig Dobbie

Tags: Mark, Jesus, The King has come, Messiah, spiritual health,

Craig Dobbie takes us through the 2 main responses to Jesus and his words in Mark 4. Are you listening well to Jesus' words, and helping those around you do the same?

EV Church

Following Jesus with our Family & Possessions 

Luke:14:25-33 | 16/02/2014 | Tim Baldwin

Tags: Following Jesus, Family, Possessions

Is the decision to become a Christian a one time decision? Or does it have meaning for the rest of our lives? Tim Baldwin digs into what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and how this relates to the priority of family & possessions.

EV Church

Following Jesus: Lost & Found 

Luke 15:11-32 | 23/02/2014 | Andrew Heard

Tags: Lost, Sinner, Religious

When the sinner and the religious stand before Jesus, it often surprises us that he rebukes the religious and loves the sinner. Check out this sermon as Andrew wrestles through why Jesus does this, and how it speaks to us.

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