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Saturday EV

Saturday EV - Week 7: Numbers 25:1-13 

Numbers 25:1-13 | 2/09/2017 | Jez Reynolds

Tags: sin, idolatry, glory, zeal, honour, Phinehas, sex

One of the most graphic parts of the Bible points us to what matters most in the universe and asks us to consider what will define our lives.

Saturday EV

Saturday EV - Against the Tide  

1 Peter 3:8-4:6 | 29/08/2015 | Grahame Fuller

Grahame Fuller encourages us to hold fast, pushing against the tide in the light of persecution and suffering. Are you resisting the devil, and humbly entrusting God with all your anxieties?

Saturday EV

Saturday EV - Acts 27:13-26 

Acts 27:13-26 | 28/11/2015 | Tim Baldwin

Tim Baldwin unpacks Paul's dangerous journey to Rome, highlighting the faithfulness and trustworthiness of God. Are you trusting in God, clinging to His promises, and actively working in partnership with Him?

Saturday EV

Saturday EV Week 1 - 2 Corinthians 4:1-6 

2 Corinthians 4:1-6 | 29/04/2017 | Jez Reynolds

Paul had the ability to face anything that life could throw at him - and not lose heart. The same truths that enabled him to keep speaking and suffering for Jesus have been entrusted to us. Do you know them? Have you let them go down deep?

Saturday EV

Saturday EV - Week 7: Mark 14:12-26 

Mark 14:12-26 | 18/03/2017 | Jez Reynolds

Meals provide the context for the deep and intimate sharing of life. Jesus’ last supper before his death is an invitation to the unworthy to come and feast at the table with God. Are you certain of your seat?

Saturday EV

Saturday EV - Colossians 3:14-21 

Colossians 3:14-21 | 4/10/2014 | Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard examines how prayer is shaped by what you think about the divine, unpacking what God the Father means to Paul. Are you filled by the knowledge of God's will, so that you live a life worthy of the Lord and pleasing in every way?

Saturday EV

Saturday EV - John 1:1-14 

John 1:1-14 | 19/12/2015 | Grahame Fuller

Grahame Fuller explains the incarnation of God becoming a man, highlighting how this event reveals the wonderful goodness of God's glory. Do you reflect at Christmas, what can seem ordinary but is purely extraordinary, that God became a man in the birth of Jesus?

Saturday EV

Saturday EV - Nothing Can Separate Us - Tim Baldwin - Romans 6:15-23  

Romans 6:15-23 | 27/07/2013 | Tim Baldwin

Tags: Romans

We have been united with Christ in a profound way. This union gives us complete freedom and gives us a new and perfect master.

Saturday EV

Saturday EV - Acts 18:1-11 

Acts 18:1-11 | 31/10/2015 | Tim Baldwin

Tim Baldwin preaches from Acts 18 about the difficulties of sharing the Gospel with those around us, especially the coasties chasing that 7 day weekend. They need God's grace just as much as the next person and God chooses us to tell them about it.

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