Don Carson - Matthew 2:1-12

Matthew 2:1-12 | 16/12/2012 | Don Carson

Don Carson reflects on the wise men's visit to Bethlehem and the insights for the gospel of Matthew. 1. Jesus is King 2. Gentiles are included in the gospel.The pagan wise men were Gentiles, as was Ruth (see genealogy in Matthew 1), right through to Matthew 28. 3. Evil forces will try to kill Jesus.Not only Herod, Satan etc. 4. The world Jesus comes to is evil. (Slaughter of infant boys 2 and under in second part of Matt 2) 5. God sometimes uses strange means. (Use of pagan wise men, plus numerous other examples throughout Matthew) 6. The coming if Jesus fulfills scripture. 7. God in His so sovereignty preserves (escape to Egypt, Matt 8:23) 8. At select points in history God intervenes more immediately. (The birth of Jesus includes 5 miracles - God is saying LOOK AT THIS! ) 9. Jesus is worthy of all worship. (The wise men and on the day of judgement 'All knees will bow' ) Pray that you will recognise the Lordship of Jesus, worship Him as our saviour.

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