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Hey parents,

At EV Kids we are keen to see everyone’s faces again, connect with each other and have some fun on Zoom with leaders!! Years 3-6 will have a Bible talk every Sunday morning, and then head into small groups for a study, to chat and pray. 


Years 3-6: Every Sunday morning during the sermon

Year 3-6 Zoom Link


The lobby will be open from 8:30 – you can get yourself setup, watch the start of the church live stream, and you will be let into the EV Kids zoom when the sermon starts.

What you’ll need:

    • Internet and a device with a camera (laptop / ipad / phone)
    • Click on the link above to join the zoom chat for your age group. 

If possible, please set up your child’s device in a “public” space (e.g lounge room, not a bedroom) and know that all leaders will be doing the same! For security reasons our leaders will be making sure all who join are known to the team, so if you could have the camera on, and change the username to your child’s full name that would be great. All parents are more than welcome to listen in on this Zoom call.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions of concerns please contact either Nick nick.orpwood@evchurch.info / 0401 223 733 or Mike  michael.austin@evchurch.info / on 0468 790 284.

1. What equipment technology will we need for our kids? What if we have kids in different grades/genders?

You will need a device that can run a zoom meeting. Zoom is a free app that can be downloaded onto a computer, tablet or phone. To get the most out of the Primary EV Kids zoom, if possible please set up one device per child attending the zoom.  

2. Who will be in the zoom groups? 

A zoom group will feature 1-3 leaders with around 10 other kids of the same gender and a similar age group. The zoom groups will also be split up according to the regular EV Kids service each child goes to. 

3. What time will the EV Kids zoom start? for how long?

You can log onto the Zoom from 8:30am on a Sunday. This will take you to a waiting screen. The Primary Zoom meeting will begin when kids are told on the Sunday morning church live stream. This is usually around 8:50 – 9am.

The zoom will finish at the end of the 8.30am church live stream.

4. What if we are watching the 8.30am live stream at another time? OR What if we usually go to 10.30am church?

If you watch the church live stream at a different time, your primary aged kids are still more than welcome to join! Simply follow the link to join the call at around 8:45am.  

5. What if my kids are in K-2? 

There is great new material for EV Kids in years K-2 here.

The K-2 team will be producing Bible teaching videos each week. These will be approx 15- 20 minutes in length. There will also be suggested colouring sheets or craft ideas.

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