Who is Jesus?


Who is Jesus? The question is searching but not as important as the answer!

Time magazine once referred to Jesus as “the most persistent symbol of purity, selflessness and love in the history of humanity”. Judging from the many references to his teaching which have entered into our everyday language, his impact on our world is immense.

But what did Jesus claim about Himself?

His claims were staggering. Although He was a man revered for his self-sacrificing humility, He called Himself ‘the bread of life and said that He gives ‘the water of life. He also claimed that He is the judge of the living and the dead and that His death is the key to our life, not just now but for all eternity! As dramatic as they are, these claims received incredible support when Jesus rose from the dead.

Can all this be true? The evidence is compelling.

If you want to find out more about Jesus and Christianity, come along to the six-week Look into Life with Jesus series.

It’s a fun and relaxed way to investigate the claims of Jesus.

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