MTS at EV Church

What is MTS?​

MTS is short for Ministry Training Strategy. This is a strategy that seeks to multiply gospel workers through Ministry Traineeships.​

What is a Ministry Traineeship?​

Skilled tradesmen, such as carpenters, are trained using a combination of class room training (learning the theory) and on the job training (working with skilled tradesman, learning how to apply the theory, and gain lots of practical tips on how to do this effectively).​

A ministry traineeship is the same! The Trainees learn the theory – in a class room setting, from both EV Staff and Bible college lecturers. At the same time, they have lots of on the job training as they work alongside and under the direction of EV Staff across a wide range of ministries within our church.

What do the Trainees Learn?

MTS training focuses on three areas:​

CONVICTION – where they are trained in:​

Bible study – developing a commitment to the Bible and cultivating the skills to read and apply it.

Thinking theologically – developing a sound understanding of the Gospel and in their ability to reflect theologically about Christian ministry.​

CHARACTER – where they are trained in:​

Prayer and godliness – learning to live a life characterised by a love for and trust in God – expressed through prayer. Also, developing in personal integrity.​

Relationships in ministry – developing a humble, self-giving attitude towards others and being teachable.​

COMPETENCE – where they learn how to:​

Engage in evangelism and world mission – by developing a heart for the lost and engaging in evangelism with a commitment to world evangelism.​

Teach the Bible – by teaching the Bible one-to-one, in small groups and in public settings.​

Train others to minister – by identifying people’s gifts and potential, then working to equip them and develop the skills to minister to others.​

Be effective leaders – by learning how to motivate, inspire and organise people to work together in teams.​

What Ministries do the Trainees Work in at EV Church?​

The Trainees work in a wide range of ministries within EV, including: EV Kids, EV Youth, EV Night, Maturity, Membership, Magnification, Ministry and Mission.​

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