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Is This It?


When we look around at the world today, it’s hard not to feel there is a lot wrong with the world. With things like terrorism, dodgy politics and suffering around the world and in our own lives. It can feel like things aren’t as they should be, because life can often hurt and  be really tough.

Living in a world like this we can find ourselves asking “Is This It?”. 

This series looks at some of the hard realities of our world, what the bible has to say about why it’s this way, and what gives Christians hope in what can be a tough-going world.

  1. Why do people die? Looks at the reality that someday we all face death, but why does this happen if there’s a good God behind it all?
  2. Why do good people suffer? When good people suffer or have tough times, it can feel unfair and like God isn’t in control. This study looks at the bible’s explanation of why there is suffering in the world and that it’s part of God’s plan to change it.
  3. When people let us down. In a world where nobody is perfect it’s understandable that there will be times where the people around us can hurt us or let us down. This lesson will look at Jesus as the great model for how we should relate to others and God.
  4. The pursuit of happiness. When we scroll our facebook feed it can feel like all people are doing and chasing is fun and good times. Is that all there is to life? This lesson looks at what the bible has to say about happiness and where we can find our greatest contentment.
  5. Nothing is certain. It’s hard to know if anything is certain when things are constantly changing in the world and in our own lives. This study looks at the things the God of the Bible says we can be certain of.
  6. The great fix for the world. This study looks particularly at the events of Easter and how the cross changed everything not just for this life but the one to come.
  7. What’s next then? The Bible tells us there is a life to come after this one. How does that work and what does it look like? The study looks at what the Bible says about Jesus returning one day and what’s in store for his followers.

Is the Christian life easy? – This study explores what the Christian life is all about and what to expect if you are a follower of Jesus.

Flipside  Lunchtime Groups

EV Church is a New South Wales approved provider of Religious Education and is the coordinator of Christian Voluntary Lunchtime groups in high schools on the Central Coast. These groups, known as Flipside, exist to give Christian students the opportunity to grow in their understanding of Christianity, and to allow other students who may be interested in knowing more about Christianity the chance to explore their questions in an informal setting.

Flipside Groups Talks


Week Week Beginning Topic Bible Passage
1 9/10 What Is Flipside John 3:16
2 16/10 What does the bible say about teens? 1 Timothy 4:12
3 23/10 Are teenagers immature? Luke 2:52
4 30/10 How do I avoid mistakes? Proverbs 1:1-7
5 6/11 How do I live with mistakes? Romans 8:1-4
6 13/11 How do i balance everything in my life? Colossians 3:23-24
7 20/11 Friendship – who can I depend on? John 15:9-15
8 27/11 How can I be a good friend? John 15:9-15
9 4/12 What does the bible say about beauty? Proverbs 31:30
10 11/12 How should I think about the future? Matthew 6:31-33



Week Week Beginning Topic Bible Passage
1 9/10 Who is Jesus? Mark 1:1
2 16/10 Jesus can forgive sins Mark 2:1-12
3 23/10 Jesus controls nature Mark 4:35-41
4 30/10 Jesus knows what our problem is Mark 7:14-23
5 6/11 Jesus is the promised king Mark 8:27-30
6 13/11 Jesus is going to die Mark 8:31
7 20/11 Following Jesus is costly but worth it Mark 8:34-37
8 27/11 Jesus is worth it Mark 14: 3-9
9 4/12 Jesus death means we can live Mark 15:1-15
10 11/12 Final week – social week NA



Week Week Beginning Topic Bible Passage
1 9/10 What is flipside? John 3:16
2 16/10 What is the meaning of life? Acts 17:24-27
3 23/10 Who even wrote the bible? John 20:31
4 30/10 Is there really only one way to God? John 14:6
5 6/11 Did Jesus really come back from the dead? 1Corinthians 15:3-8
6 13/11 Was Jesus death just a scam? John 19:23-24
7 20/11 Does science disprove God? Genesis 1
8 27/11 Jesus claims he is the truth Matthew 5:17
9 4/12 Jesus claims he is the life John 14:19
10 11/12 Is Jesus a liar, lunatic or lord? Mark 10:33-34


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