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EV Youth Seniors

EV Youth Seniors - Week 6: Matthew 18:21-35 

Matthew 18:21-35 | 6/03/2020 | Zac Masters

EV Youth Seniors

2 Samuel 7:1-17 

2 Samuel 7:1-17 | 19/06/2015 | Zac Masters

EV Youth Combined

EV Youth - Galatians 3:15-25 (Juniors) - The Promise Not The Law 

Galatians 3:15-25 | 15/08/2014 | Zac Masters

Tags: promise, live by faith, law, Jesus, gift, genesis, fulfil, free, faith, earn, abram, abraham

[Term 3, Week 5, 2014] Does salvation come through the free promise of God? Or do we earn salvation by works of the law? Do they fit together, how? See how Jesus fulfills both the law and the promise, so that we may freely inherit its blessings by grace.

EV Youth Combined

EV Youth - God... Where Are You? (Juniors) 

:- | 2/05/2014 | Zac Masters

Tags: know, amazing, neighbourhood, galaxy, why don't you make yourself clearer?, why, where is god?, where, show, Romans, reveal, psalm, Jesus, god-shaped hole, faith, creation, confidence, clear, Bible, acts

[Term 2, Week 1, 2014] Have you ever wondered, "Where is God? Why doesn't he make himself clearer?" Discover how God has revealed himself clearly in creation, Jesus and the bible, so that you can not only know that he is there, but know him personally!

EV Youth Combined

EV Youth - Romans 8:1-13 - POSITION + POWER + PURPOSE (Seniors) 

Romans 8:1-13 | 23/08/2013 | Zac Masters

Tags: holy spirit, power, purpose, position, assurance, saved, no condemnation

[Week 6, Term 3, 2013] Jesus gives you a new God-given position, a new God-given power, and a new God-given purpose. Best thing!

EV Youth Combined

EV Youth - Judges 19 - Humanity Needs a King (Juniors) 

Judges 19:1-30 | 31/05/2013 | Zac Masters

Tags: Judges, Kingdom, Jesus, King

[Week 5, Term 2, 2013] Judges 19, the bottom of the downward spiral. This is where the whole book has been heading... it's all been pointing to this: Humanity needs a king.

EV Youth Combined

EV Youth - Luke 11:37-54 - Jesus hates hypocrisy (Juniors) 

Luke 11:37-54 | 22/03/2013 | Zac Masters

Tags: rebuke, Jesus, heart, hypocrisy

[Week 8, Term 1, 2013] Does Jesus hate? One thing he does hate is hypocrisy. But He loves hypocrites enough to tell them, and even to die for them.

EV Youth Combined

EV Youth - If God exists, why doesn't he make himself clearer? (eleven50) 

:- | 7/01/2013 | Zac Masters

Tags: Jesus, reveal, clearer, God

[Day 1, eleven50, Summerfest 2013] Your top 4 biggest questions for God. Question #1: If God exists, why doesn't he make himself clearer?

EV Youth Combined

EV Youth - How to get into heaven (Juniors Double Up) 

Luke 23:32-43 | 7/12/2012 | Zac Masters

Tags: judgment, Jesus, heaven, salvation

[Week 9, Term 4, 2012] DOUBLE UP: If you died tonight, would you go to heaven? You can know for sure, and the way is probably not what you think

EV Youth Combined

EV Youth - Psalm 22 - Juniors - Our God in Suffering 

Psalm 22:1-31 | 18/05/2012 | Zac Masters

Tags: cross, prophecy, Jesus, despair, desperation, suffering, cry, rescue

[Term 2, Week 5, 2012] Everyone wll suffer. It will either make you or break you as a Christian. When you face suffering, how will you make it through? This Psalm shows us how.

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