How We Roll

We are…

We’re the youth group of EV Church on the Central Coast of NSW (best place on earth!).
We’re on about: fun, real relationships, Jesus, the Bible, and not wasting our lives.
We’ve found solid hope by connecting with God through Jesus.

We welcome any high-school aged teens, no matter what background or belief.
You’re invited to come check it out. (Find out how to get connected)

One youth group in 3 sizes

EV Youth comes in 3 sizes: Small + Medium + Large

[ SMALL ]  G-Teams

One of the best ways to connect, build real relationships, and encourage each other is to get together with smaller groups of people your age and gender. That’s what G-Teams are for. Small groups on about reading the Bible together, sharing life and praying for one another.

If you want to get connected… one of the best ways is to jump into a G-Team. These meet at various times, so the best way to jump into one is to ask a leader or contact us.


[ MEDIUM ]  Juniors / Seniors / Peninsula

These are our main gatherings. We get together every Friday night of the school term (except special events – keep an eye on what’s on).

Feel free to just turn up – there will be a friendly group of people to meet you and we’re sure you’ll have a great time.

Most Friday nights we split into 3 gatherings:

  • Juniors (Erina)   –   Yrs 7-9   //  7 – 9:30PM  //  Main Hall at EV Church  //  $2
    We start the night hanging out, with a cheap feed if you’re hungry – plus the famous “Schnack Bar”. We play some epic games, rock out with a live band singing praises to our awesome God. After that we learn about Jesus from the Bible, spend some time chatting in smaller groups, play some more games, and keep hanging out til your parents manage to drag you away.


  • Seniors (Erina)   –   Yrs 10-12  // 7:30 – 9.30 (program – but you are welcome to hang out till 10pm)  //  Auditorium at EV Church  //  $2
    Rock up for the pre-event at 7:30ish. Bring some coin if you want a cheap feed and to hit up the famous ‘Schnack Bar’. We hang out for a bit then we head into the Auditorium, sing praises to our awesome king and muck around as a big group. Then we hear a talk about Jesus from the Bible. Afterwards, the night is still young so we kick back for some quality hang time – pool, ping-pong, basketball, cards, hangout around the fire, chill on couches, or whatever else is going on that night.


  • Peninsula   Years 7-12  //  6:30 – 9pm  //  Brisbane Water Secondary College, Woy Woy Campus ($4 for hall hire and dinner)
    The school hall is ours for the night and we’re going to have a good time. Every night is a bit different, but every night there’s good time hanging out, sweet big games, a talk from the Bible, some time chatting in small groups, a bit of yummy dinner, and then more time hanging out.


[ LARGE ]  All in

A few times a year, like PHAT and Coast Youth Revolution, we all get together for a huge, epic time together. These are always epic times. Keep an eye on the What’s On page for more info.


And that’s how we roll

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask a leader or contact us.

Hope to see you soon!


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PO Box 3446, ERINA NSW 2250
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