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Some of our best and closest friendships began in EV Youth, so we’re keen to help you ‘get connected’ and form friendships as easily as possible.

Here are a few different ways:

1) Just turn up on a Friday night

When you turn up, look out for the “Welcome Table”, where some friendly teens and leaders will be ready to say hi to you. They will introduce you to some leaders and teens in your year, who will hang out with you and make sure you’re having a good time.

If you’re there hanging out on Friday nights and getting involved in what is going on, we’re confident you’ll make some great friendships.


2) Call ahead and let us know to look out for you.

If you want to, you can call up in advance to let us know you’re coming. We’ll let the leaders who look after your year know to look out for you.


3) Jump into a G-Team

If the energy and crowd of a Friday night sounds too scary, you’ll find G-Teams are a great way to get connected. G-Teams are small groups that meet each week. They’re more personal and relaxed, with a focus on having a look at the Bible and sharing life together.

If you come along to a G-Team each week, you’ll find that over time you form some really great friendships.

These meet at various times, so the best way to jump into one is to ask a leader or contact us.


4) Come along to a camp

Every year we run a bunch of camps:

  • Summerfest in January.
  • PHAT in April.
  • Epica, Summer Madness, and SCAMP around December.

We’ve heard lots of people say that they really felt connected after coming on a camp. There’s simply no better way to get to know people than spending a bunch of days doing crazy things together, and building memories.

If you’re keen to get connected and there’s a camp coming up, make sure you get along to it. You’ll have a great time, and there’s a good chance you’ll come home with a bunch of great friendships.

PHAT in particular is phenomenal. Heaps of people tell us “This was the best week I’ve ever had”. So stay tuned for that!


If you would like more info…

Or to have someone contact you, please let us know.

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