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The God Contest – The true story of Elijah, Jesus, and the Greatest Victory.

Recommended age 3-6yrs

This is the latest book in the ‘Tales that tell the truth series’ and it’s a great one! A lively retelling of the story of Elijah and Ahab on Mt Carmel that doesn’t end there, but brings it to Jesus who rises from the dead… ‘the greatest proof that Yahweh is truly God and Jesus is Yahweh.’ Written by Carl Laferton (author of ‘The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross) it’s another one that won’t disappoint!


The Big Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers

Recommended age – 1-3yrs

This board book is great for Toddlers. It contains 19 Bible stories from both the Old and New Testament. Read Dale’s review of all the ‘One Big story’ Bible books for Toddlers here

One Big Story Bible Stories for Toddlers

Recommended age 1-3years.

These board books contain 20 Old and New Testament stories. There is also an interactive element that can be accessed via your phone.

The Beginners Bible – Candle books

Recommended age 3-5yrs

This Bible recounts some of the key events in the Bible. It doesn’t make many theological conclusions but introduces children to the narrative. The pictures are colourful and well drawn for preschoolers.

The Big Picture Story Bible – David Helm

Recommended age 5-8yrs

This story book covers the Big Story of the Bible. It helps children understand how the whole Bible teaches and points us to the great salvation found in Jesus. 

One Big Story – Bible Storybook

Recommended ages 5-8 years.

This Storybook Bible contains 145 stories from the Old and New Testament. One of the strengths of this storybook Bible is that each story has a connection with Jesus. The amount of text and style of pictures are well suited for this age group.

The Gospel Story Bible – Marty Machowski

Recommended age 7-10yrs

This Story Bible takes passages of the Bible and condenses them into a single page story which is well written for children. It incorporates the theology of the whole Bible into that story so that children are learning to always read a passage in context. The authors encourage children to read the story and then spend the next couple of days actually reading the passages from a Bible.

Short Steps for Long Gain (Family Edition) – Kathy and Simon Manchester

Recommended age 5-12yrs

26 short Bible studies for the family.


XTB – Alison Mitchell

Recommended age 7-11yrs

Designed to help the reader get into the Bible daily for themselves –‐ XTB is packed with puzzles, pictures, prayers and solid teaching points. Children are encouraged to understand, apply and pray through the Bible in an accessible and thought–‐provoking way.

Table Talk – Alison Mitchell

Recommended age 4+yrs

This is a book of daily bible times for families to use together. Based on just a few verses from a passage, it is suitable with children aged from 4 upwards. It forms the basis for a short family bible time.


Tales that Tell the Truth from The Good Book store 

Recommended age 3-6yrs.

A beautiful range of storybooks from ‘The Good Book store’ for Children, which combine stunning illustrations with faithful, Bible-centred story-telling. 

My God is so Big by Catherine Mackenzie

Recommended age 3-5yrs

For preschoolers- Based on the chorus “My God is so big!” This is a great book which teaches children about God’s character.

Everyone a Child Should Know by Clare Heath-Whyte 

Short mini biographies of some prominent Christians from throughout history. Really helpful for kids to see faith lived out.

Everything a child should know about God by Kenneth N Taylor and Jenny Brake

Systematic theology for little kids.

What every child should know about Prayer by Nancy Guthrie

A great and quite comprehensive book to teach young kids about prayer.

Recommended age 4-7yrs

Big Truths for Little Kids – Susan and Richie Hunt

Recommended age 6-8yrs

This book can help you teach the basic truths of the Christian faith to your children.It involved questions and answers and a story for children to learn from.

The Ology by Marty Machowski

Recommended for 5-12 years.

The Ology gives kids of all ages a beginner’s theology book to help them understand who God is and how we, as his children, relate to him. Arranged within a traditional systematic theological framework, each truth in The Ology is also connected to the larger redemptive story of Scripture. 

Case for Christ – For Kids

Recommended age 7-12 years

Kids can have questions and doubts. This is a book written in kids friendly language that gives answers. It seeks to answer some kids’ questions by addressing the existence, miracles, ministry and resurrection of Jesus.

Big Truths for Young Hearts – Bruce Ware

Recommended age 8 years +

Written by theology professor Bruce Ware, this book helps parents teach their kids the major doctrines of the Christian faith. Systematic theology written simply for kids. Read a chapter a day or a week at the dinner table to encourage some great discussion.

Little Pilgrim’s Progress – Helen L Taylor

Recommended age 6 years +

John Bunyan’s classic rewritten for a younger audience. A great adventure story and allegory of the Christian life. Great to read aloud together as a family.

Birds and Bees by the Book – Patricia Weerakoon

Recommended age 7-10

A great set of books to help parents have those important conversations about sexuality with their kids. Beautifully illustrated and gospel centred.

Gumtree Gully – Kel Richards

Recommended age 6-8yrs

This is the Gospel in a bush story. There are Bible verses and questions to help ensure your child’s understanding of the good news of Jesus.

Who will be King – Matthias Media

Recommended age 5-12yrs

This is a great resource that gives kids a clear explanation of the Gospel message.


Singin Jesus is the Word – EV  Kids CD

A CD designed for school age children which helps them rejoice and remember great truths about Jesus.  Spotify Link

Jesus is Uber Bamboo – EV Kids CD

A CD designed for school age children which helps them rejoice and remember great truths about Jesus. Spotify Link


Looking for some extra online resources for your kids ….. check out these links;

Sign up to Quizworx 

A program of great Bible teaching (videos, songs, worksheets and other activities) will be delivered to your email address each week. Best for kids aged 5-12.

Compassion and Colin Buchannan

Here are a number of 7 minute videos that Colin Buchanan has produced. They contain Bible teaching and singing by Colin. Best for kids 4-7years old.


APP Bible stories and interactive activities

Best for ages 3-7yrs.


Youthworks – Prayer ideas for kids

find prayer ideas for K-6 children.


It’s Music Time at Home – Episode 1

Watch on Youtube a wonderful 10 minute videos for Preschoolers. There’s singing and the use of simple musical instruments.




Parents for eternal life is a blog page where Dale Brown writes articles which are short, sharp and super practical.



A great little book that will help you to pray ‘big’ prayers for your kids fuelled by scripture.


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