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Jesus’ death on the cross shows us God’s relentless love and mercy towards us. He gives us a new identity in Jesus, calling us to not conform to the rest of the world, but to be the revolution! So who are you living for? The Revolution (Romans 12:1-3) Term 3, Week 10, 2014. Download /…

The site is currently going through some changes and upgrades. So if things are breaking or looking weird, don’t worry, it’s all just part of the process.

Welcome to our updated site where many background changes and site changes have taken place. Whats new? WordPress 2.5 Architecture Drop Down Menu At TheTop Ajax search bar in the header Theme change. Phat countdown on the right All pages updated and reorganised. New POLL We now have 4 Podcasts Please bare with us while…

Yo all ccecyouth goers. It’s now easier to connect with ccecyouth including myspace, facebook, google talk and youtube. Just click the village link at the top or use the links below: Add ccecyouth@gmail.com to your google talk!  

Yo Kid… did you know we have an online poll? Check out this months poll in the column on the right. Vote now!

This is worth a look: www.howard007.com Pass it onto your friends.

In our attempt to ‘go global’, On the Poddy has been featured in the May edition of Southern Cross. If you’ve missed all the ‘Poddy Royale’ episodes – go and listen now! (Have you played our game?) Below is the first half of the article: One of the top rating internet radio shows amongst Australian…

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