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Nite EV - NiteEV Weekend Trinity - Talk 3  

21/09/2012 | Craig Dobbie

Tags: NiteEV Weekend

THE TRINITY TALK 3. Who is the Holy Spirit? Is the Holy Spirit a "he" or an "it"? What does the Holy Spirit do? And Craig answers out questions from over the weekend.

Nite EV

Nite EV - Nothing Can Separate Us - Andrew Heard - Romans 8:1-13  

Romans 8:1-13 | 18/08/2013 | Andrew Heard

Tags: Romans

God has promised some incredible things to those who are His, including having the Spirit. Romans 8 explains why having the Spirit in us is so good, clears up some misconceptions about what the Spirit does and what the effect of the Spirit for our lives is.

Sunday EV

Sunday EV - Nothing Can Separate Us Romans 8:11-14 

Romans 8:11-14 | 25/08/2013 | Craig Dobbie

Craig Dobbie preaching on Rom 8:11-14 where Paul describes our transformation from slave to freedom, from enemy to adoption. Holy Spirit is our legal guarantee of our adoption 1. Points us to the objective truth of the gospel seen in Jesus (Rom 5:8) 2. Shows you Gods love in a subjective way so you feel it (Rom 5:5) 3. Awakens our knowledge that we are Gods children Pray that you will engage in the fight against sin, and share in Christ's suffering as evidence of your salvation.

Sunday EV

Sunday ev - Nothing Can Separate Us Romans 7:1-6 

Romans 7:1-6 | 4/08/2013 | Andrew Heard

Much of Romans is meant to correct misunderstandings. Andrew unpacks the first 6 verses of Romans 7 in light of several misunderstandings. 1. Everything one day will be okay. 2. If God is holy and angry at sin, give me the laws to live by. 3. We misunderstand marriage. Being bound by marriage is different to being romantically connected. 4. Christians live under guilt. (wrong - we are counted as righteous). 5. If I'm saved by what Christ has done, I can do what I like. 6. To be in the spirit means you don't need the written word. 7. Christians are no different to anyone else. 8. Christianity is like every others religion Pray that you will rejoice that we are free from the law, and free to grow in holiness for Christ our rescuer.

Sunday EV

Sunday EV In need of a King - Judges 2:6-19 

Judges 2:6-19 | 5/05/2013 | Tim Baldwin

Tim Baldwin provides an introduction to Judges. God's people finally get to inhabit the promised land, to fulfil the promises made to Abraham. And what should have been a great experience for God's chosen people, becomes a series of generations who reject God, are rescued by a Judge, then fall away into worse behaviour. As God calls his people to drive out the other nations - it's worth considering if Holy war is ever ok? 1. It was punishment for their wickedness (see Gen 15) 2. God owns all land and was fulfilling His promise (Deut 7:7) 3. To maintain the covenant relationship (Deut 7:6) What about now this side of Jesus? No - it's not ok to use these verses to justify war, we are in Exodus preparing for the new Kingdom Yes - spiritually we are at war, and need to rage Holy war on sin.

Saturday EV

Saturday EV - Week 8 Mark 14:32-42 

Mark 14:32-42 | 25/03/2017 | Tim Baldwin

"To our weakness He is no stranger, He knows our needs". (Oh Holy Night) When you cry out in prayer to God, are you trusting that He understands our pain and knows what is right?

Sunday EV

Sunday EV Week 8 - Mark 14:32-42 

Mark 14:32-42 | 26/03/2017 | Tim Baldwin

"To our weakness He is no stranger, He knows our needs". (Oh Holy Night) When you cry out in prayer to God, are you trusting that He understands our pain and knows what is right?

Nite EV

You must be born again  

John 3:1-8 | 5/01/2014 | Jez Reynolds

How does God bring about new life in the hearts of those who are dead to him? Jez shows us from John's gospel that it is by his Spirit and through his word.

Saturday EV

Saturday EV - Against the Tide  

1 Peter 2:1-12 | 1/08/2015 | Grahame Fuller

Tags: 1 Peter, against the tide

Grahame Fuller explains how when we become believers in Jesus, our identity becomes more than just who we are, it gets wrapped up into something bigger, God's purposes. Are you living knowing you are God's precious possession, holy in his sight and chosen by him?

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