Make a Difference

Make a Difference_logo_Final LogoWe can live lives that make a real difference!

We can live in such a way that it impacts the lives of others massively for all eternity. Or we can live without regard to eternity and the priorities that God has for our lives, and all that we do in this life will fade away.

What sort of life do you want to live?

‘Make a Difference’ is a series designed to help you to see the world differently, to see it the way God sees it, and to have your whole life shaped accordingly.

It is designed to build your convictions with regard to what is truly important in life, what echos on into eternity. It is designed to mould your character, so that your character more truly reflects the character of God. It is designed to equip you with practical skills so that you can lead yourself and so that you can effectively impact the lives of others around you.

Three Monday nights. Kicks off 7 August 2017. Come along!

It will stir, challenge and equip you to be someone who makes a difference  for eternity.


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