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Erina EV Youth: Friday Nights
Every week on Friday until 30/06/2017 from 7:00p to 10:00p

EV Youth's main event. Our regular (awesome) Friday night gathering where we get together, hang out, have a sweet time (with huge games, food, music, good times) and learn about God from the Bible.

We're 1 youth group in 2 gatherings.

Years 7-9 are Juniors - they hang in the 'Main Hall'.

Years 10-12 are Seniors - they hang in the auditorium.

www.evyouth.com for more info.

Sound and Lights The Round (EV Church)
331 Terrigal Drive
Erina, NSW 2250

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331 Terrigal Drive, Erina, NSW 2250
PO Box 3446, ERINA NSW 2250
p: (02) 4367 2100
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