Phat 2017

PHAT 2017 9-13th April


  • Dates: Sunday 9th April to Thursday 13th April 2017
  • Cost:
    • Normal Rate: $310 per camper
    • Early Bird: $295 per camper (available to the first 200 campers to register, ends 5th March
    • Family Discount: 2nd child = $10 off | 3rd child = $15 off | 4th child = $20 off
    • If you have problems registering or paying, please contact Lucy Hill at or speak to someone at the Phat Registration table (at EV Youth each Friday night from 3rd March).
  • Regos Close: 26th March 2017
  • Drop off and pick up location: Campers are to arrange their own transport to and from Myuna Bay Sports and Recreation Centre (address below)
    Drop off: 1-1:30pm, Sunday 9th April
    Pick up: 2pm, Thursday 13th AprilIf you are arriving late to camp or leaving early, please contact
  • Camp site details: Myuna Bay Sports and Recreation Centre – B53 Wangi Rd, Myuna Bay NSW 2264
  • Contacts:
    • Camp Coodinator – Tamara Boyle – 0431 426 079
    • Head of EV Youth – Jono McKeown – 0412 160 846
    • Seniors – Mike Wziontek
    • Juniors – Daniel Heard
    • Registration Problems – Lucy Hill –
    • If you need to contact your child in an emergency, call Tamara Boyle or Jono McKeown
  • What to bring:
    • IMPORTANT: Some groups will be sleeping in tents – check back here before camp to find out if this is you. See below for additional gear you will need to bring if you are sleeping in a tent. (tents will be provided)
    • Clothes (including warm ones and ones to get dirty in!)
    • Enclosed shoes to wear for games
    • Swimmers and 2 towels (Guys and girls, no speedos or bikinis please. Bring boardies and a tshirt/rashie to swim in.)
    • Fitted Sheet, pillow and sleeping bag
    • Bible and Pen
    • Toiletries and any medication (Please clearly label and include a letter of instructions)
    • Small amount of money for snackbar and bunker
    • Suggestion: Hand Sanitiser
    • TENT PEOPLE: If you are staying in a tent – as well as all the stuff above, you will need to bring a camp bed, pillow, torch, and warm socks.
  • Year groups staying in cabins: Year 7 Girls, Year 7 Boys, Year 8 Girls, Year 12 Girls, Year 12 Boys, All Peninsula Youth
  • Year groups staying in tents: Year 8 Boys, Year 9 Girls, Year 9 Boys, Year 10 Girls, Year 10 Boys, Year 11 Girls, Year 11 Boys


There’s info below, but check out this video to get some idea:

Until you’ve experienced it, you’ve got no idea. Imagine battling against 300 teens to capture a flag, or take a base, or defend a prisoner, or using your stealth to nail the gauntlet… across a whole campsite including fields, forests, water, and wide open spaces. We guarantee these will be the best, biggest, most epic, funnest games you’ve ever played.
Oh yeah, then there’s all the other generally sweet sweet fun we’ll be having. Free time. Hanging out. Swimming. Playing cards. Touch footy. Loving life.

There’s something special about PHAT. It’s the vibe. Hundreds of people there to have a good time. But more than that, there to love and genuinely look out for each other. You will meet and get to know heaps of new people, as well as our amazing leaders, in a community of real love and acceptance. Chances are some of these guys will become the best friends of your life.

We’re pumped to open up the Bible and see what it has to say about God, Jesus, and His love for you; purpose, meaning, and hope, and what it all means for us as we live our lives. It’s epic. Every year people use words like: Deep. Inspiring. Challenging. Life-changing.
Come ready to ask loads of questions and challenge stuff, ready to learn stacks, and ready to be pushed to think for yourself about the biggest questions of life.

Tasty, tasty food. Awesome music. Praising God. The Schnack Bar. Praying for each other. Silly songs. Challenges. Lollies. The party on the last night.

Words really can’t describe it. But one thing is clear. You do not want to miss out.
It will be the best time of your life.
See you at PHAT 2017.

Here’s a video from a few years back!


Registration instructions below – scroll down for all the info about camp and what to bring


Phat Registration instructions:

  1. Go to the Phat Rego website:
  2. Click ‘Get Tickets’
  3. Types of tickets:
    Early Bird Registration – reduced cost for first 200 registrations available until 5th March or sold out
    General Registration – standard cost ticket
    Donate to a Camper in Need – contribute to supporting campers who require financial assistance to attend Phat
    Financial Assistance Registration – If you need to speak to us about Financial Assistance for Phat use this ticket to register without immediate payment, then contact phatrego@evyouth to discuss payment options.
  4. Register one camper at a time by selecting ‘1’ from the dropdown menu for the appropriate ticket.
    If you are registering for the second/third/fourth member of a family click ‘Enter Promotional Code’ at the top of the ticket menu and enter the appropriate discount code (see image below)
    Click here if registering more teens from the same family. Then enter the appropriate discount code (see below)
  5. Click ‘Checkout’
  6. You now have 1 hour to fill in camper details and complete registration
  7. The image below contains instructions on how to answer the initial registration questions, if you encounter any other problems while registering please email
    If you already have an Eventbrite account you can login here. Enter the name of the person who will be the Eventbrite Account holder.
  8. Once you have answered all questions click ‘Complete Registration’. You will receive a confirmation email upon completing registration.



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